Sunday, January 15, 2017

Knowlege Aquisition vis-a-vis Resource Generation in the Context of Issues of National Concerns as Viewed in the #Lenileaks Controversy

I am still very busy, but I cannot allow passing the arrogance of some blind-followers of some government officials appointed by former President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino---with the full support of some destabilizers of the President Rodrigo R. Duterte leadership---unchecked. 

Last week, I was forced by circumstances and by my judgment to finally unfriend a non-reasoning VP Robredo loyalist and apologist in my facebook list of friends (who in the past, notwithstanding my stern warning to behave like a civilized human being with reason) up to the time of removing him in the list of my FB-friends with the last advice to review his reading comprehension, historicity, and decorum. 

Meanwhile, even the staunch supporter and promoter of V-P Leni Robredo---Rappler---only alluded to the report and in fact the cabinet officials of President Duterte on the ground that #Lenileaks controversy was not included in the agenda items for the meeting and that it will be addressed accordingly. Please see: 

The Duterte cabinet members did not dismiss the #Lenileaks. What Sec. Esperon was saying and alluding to is that the Rody Duterte Cabinet has 'more important matters to discuss' on the agenda items within the purview of lasting peace, inclusive socio-economic growth, and sustainable development.

Besides, the LP is now a spent force in the arena of Philippine politics; and it was V-P Robredo who was saying that "they have no capacity to oust the Rody Duterte presidency," because the loyal "LPs this time ay kakaunti nalang ang numero at kakasya nalang kami sa Volkswagen." 

Theories? And conspiracy theory? Well, I am a product of my time and experiences as one of the higher education’s policy making body member (WMSU Board of Regents, Association of Faculty Regents of the Philippines, Executive Development Programs for SUC Deans) who institutionalized research knowledge and resource generation in the SUCs rather than a mere knowledge-acquisition only---as it was in the past---in order for this country to graduate from the state of being yes men forever with the hegemonic control of the manipulative powers that be.

Theory building, (construction and deconstruction) was part of my foundations in almost two decades of continuous UP education in the fields of history, politics, sociology of power, economics, and development studies; rigorous research engagements and experiences as a Rockefeller Research Fellow for Southeast Asia since 2003; and international research-based scholarship environment of proving and disproving theories in the light of academic historical revisionism. 

UP alumni members have a lot of commonalities,---we value human dignity, and we respect diversity. We are molded to theorize with the clearer understanding of research ethics and the hierarchy of sources from primary to secondary to other sources. 

Indeed, the UP education are designed to molding their students especially in the advanced graduate programs to develop theories---prove or disprove) so that they will become leaders in their various fields of disciplines and specializations. 

UP is the country’s leader in all fields of quality education and resource generation endeavors and is now positioning to lead the ASEAN region in interdisciplinary, trans-disciplinarily, and cross-disciplinary research education environment. In so doing, the subsidy of the state coming from the sweat and blood of the Filipino people coming from their taxes will no be put to waste.

I am fortunate to have this unique opportunity and privilege to building a foundation to think beyond the boxes. Like most UP-educated professionals, I am not only concerned of answering the who, when, where, what questions but at all times give premium to the how and the why questions. 

Yes, I do theorizing. I have proven it to be liberating, and productive to the societies where I belong. I think with context specificity. Indeed, we are products of our time, environment, and understanding.

Respect begets respect!