Wednesday, May 03, 2017

We are Citizens of the Philippines and We Support President Rodrigo R. Duterte's No-nonsense Fight Against Illegal Drugs, Corruption, and Criminality towards Lasting Peace, Inclusive Growth, and Sustainable Development

Realize Change!
Strengthen Unity of Kilusang Pagbabago
Against Anti-Change Forces
TEN months into his administration, President Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte (PMRRD) has hurdled the increasing challenges obstructing the advancement of the agenda for real change the Filipino people longed for.
PMRRD is determined in the campaign to eliminate corruption, anti-illegal drugs, anti-crime, pursue the peace process, shift to federalism and improve governance to effectively and swiftly deliver the needed services to the people especially at the grassroots.
However, the government bureaucracy is still haven to numerous crooks, largely those carried over from the previous administrations.
 Others made their way during the elections. There are those that were able to sneak through by masking themselves, or through their connections with the President and his men.
Kilusang Pagbabago believes PMRRD is sincere. He has strong political will to pursue the change agenda. But government is far from perfect.
Many elements within the bureaucracy hold conflicting interests and positions on various issues even among the members of the broad and loose PMRRD alliance, to the detriment of the interest of the majority of the Filipino people.
The “yellows” and their foreign backers have mounted synchronized assaults aimed to impeach the President.
Parallel media offensives both at the national and international fronts were escalated on the issue of Extra Judicial Killings (EJK), with some known media outfits funded by drug money.
Even then, the campaign for anti illegal drugs of PMRRD still gains the popular and overwhelming support from 8 out of 10 Filipinos.
The local elite and the oligarch will not stop to destabilize and unseat PMRRD from the Presidency.
Unfortunately, a disgruntled government appointee is maligning and putting in bad light one of the President’s trusted men - Cab Sec Jun Evasco, along with Penpen Libres (lead convenor) and other leaders of Kilusang Pagbabago – Lead Organization, Inc./Nat’l. Organizing Committee (KP-LOI/NOC).
This appointee identified as Ms. Rowena Burden, a newly appointed commissioner of the Philippine Commission of Women (PCW) has engaged in defamation and derogatory assaults aimed at destroying the image and credibility of said KP personalities and the whole Kilusang Pagbabago (KP), which is a legitimate program included in the Philippine Development Plan 2017-2022.
Using red scare tactics in social media, she is urging people to leave the KP and join her newly organized “own” movement (called We, The People). We are sickened by the thick-faced attempts at sowing disunity, divisiveness and factionalism within the broad coalition of PMRRD supporters.
PMRRD, meanwhile, calls on the Filipino People to help him to succeed through participatory governance.
To derail us, we know snakes will continue to hatch political intrigues and dis-information. These are normal occurrences because anti-change forces will not stop.
We will not be cowed by any attempt of the Anti Change forces to obstruct and destabilize the administration of PMRRD.
KP will stand firm and vow to defend PMRRD and Cab Sec Evasco.
The broad stakeholders and members of Kilusang Pagbabago (KP) at the national and international levels, under the guidance of KP-LOI/NOC hereby manifest our strong unity and commitment to intensify the movement, realize change and establish a better Philippines for the next generations to come.
Mabuhay ang mga KPyanos sa buong mundo!
Mabuhay ang Mamamayang Pilipino!
Mr. Joselito “Penpen” Libres
Lead Convenor
Kilusang Pagbabago –
Lead Organization Inc./
National Organizing Committee
Ms. Edina Almodal
Co-Convenor, Luzon; KP-LOI/NOC
Ms. Doris Mongaya
Co-Convenor, Visayas; KP-LOI/NOC
Mr. Larry Batara
KP-LOI Region 1
Mr. Larry Madarang
KP-LOI Region 2
Ms. Nini Balaquio
KP-LOI Region 3
Mr. Ricky Sotto
KP-LOI Region IV A
Mr. Fred Abad
KP-LOI Region IV B
Mr. Jose Eduardo Velasquez
KP-LOI Region V
Fr. Elmer Cahilig
Mr. Felix Espada
KP-LOI Region 6
(Western Visayas)
Mr. Wendel Cabrera
Atty. Rex Fernandez
Atty. Ennoh Chentis Fernandez
KP-LOI Region 7
(Central Visayas)
Mr. Rico C. Cajife
Atty. Priscilo B. Martin
KP-LOI Region 8
(Eastern Visayas)
Mr. Romulo Baz
KP-LOI Regn 9
(Western Mindanao)
Ms. Vida Pacturan
Mr. Joseph Borromeo
KP-LOI Region 10
(Northern Mindanao)
Mr. Alexander Balili
Mr. Alexander Casiple
KP-LOI Region 11 (Davao)
Mr. Rey Billena
Mr. Diomedes Madanggit
Mr. Henrito Calvez
Mr. Radigundo Rivas
KP-LOI Region 13 (Caraga)
Mr. Abdulrashid Ladayo
Mr. Carl Lacoto
Ms. Anna so Rosuman
Mr. Vitorio Jerico L. Cawis
 KP-LOI Cordillera Autonomous Region (CAR)
Mr. Wilmar Panti
Atty. Homer Mabale
Kilusang Pagbabago-
United to Free Camiguin (KP-UFC)
Mr. Celso Tizon
Mr. Vergilio dela Cruz
Secretary General
Hugpong Federal Movement of the Phil. (HFMP)
Dr. Edgardo Clemente
Chairperson, KP-Metro Manila Duterte Movement (KP-MMDM)
Mr. John Labrador
President, Luzon Wide Alliance for True Change (Luzon Watch)
Atty. Aries Albay
Atty. Antonio Arellano
Atty. Randolph “Bong” Paracasio
Mr. Rogelio “ Jing” Bantayan
Kilos Pederal para sa Pagbabago (KPP)
Mr. Jimmy Cabrera
Mr. Popong Landero
Musicians and Artists for Duterte (MAD) Mr. Louie Ceniza
National President, Philippine Fraternal Order of Eagles
Mr. Monk Aziz Rasteen Olamit
Solid South Duterte Movement (SSDM)
Prof. Esnaen Catong
Former Dean & Faculty Union President (WMSU)
Faculty Regent of Western Mindanao State University (WMSU)
Mr. Miguel Catain
Chairperson, Liga ng MayKapansanan sa Pilipinas, Inc. (LMPI)
Ms. Belinda Formanes
Climate Change Congress
Ms. Evangeline Silva
PESANTE Pilipinas
Mr. Mamerto Dumayas
Buklod ng Malayang Magsasaka ng Palawan at Occidental Mindoro
Dr. Luis Jose Presbitero, MD
Duterte Die Hard Supporters (DDS)
Mr. Jonathan A. Banez
Regional President, Region 11
GUARDIANS Brotherhood Incorporated (GBI)
Mr. Arnel Corpuz
KP International
Ms. Jhay Jhay Acedo
Mr. Leo Lauron
Ms. Maume Y. Climaco
Mr. Conrado Quizon
Mr. Roy Tampos
BOD members
Overseas Filipino Workers- Global Movement for Empowerment
(OFW-GME)/ KP International
Ms. Azenith A. Tonio
KP Int’l. - Spain
Mr. Aurtenciano R. Miranda Jr.
KP Int’l. - Rome/Italy
Mr. Edgardo Sta. Maria Turingan
KP Int’l. – Italy (Milan)
Ms. Angelita Ebanks
KP Int’l. - Cayman Islands (Caribbean Sea-North America)
Ms. Robina Alburo
KP Int’l. – Southern Taiwan
Mr. Rodel Balana
KP Int’l. – Taichung, Taiwan
Ms. Rio Anita Mesa
KP Int’l. - Hongkong
Engr. Rogelio D. Barrozo
KP Int’l. – Singapore
Mr. Jonathan Estabillo Marigsa
KP Intl. – Macau
Ms. Sheryl Abella Palacios
KP Int’l. United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi)
Mr. George Requerme
KP Int’l. - United Arab Emirates (Dubai)
Ms. Laureen Abella Alturkait
KP Int’l. – Turkery
Ms. Ailyn Callenero
KP Int’l. – Lebanon
Mr. Reymundo Salazar
KP Int’l. – Bahrain
Mr. Crispin Ordonio
KP Int’l.- Brunei
Mr. Joel R. Morfe
KP Int’l. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)
Mr. George Astilla
KP int’l. – Tokyo (Japan)
Mr. Samuel Anticamara
Mr. Mamon Fernandez
KP int’l. – Nagoya (Japan)
Mr. Rudy Gealogo Celeste
KP Int'l. - DDS Indonesia
The best is yet to come! :)